About Dr. Ümit Özen

Dr. Ümit Özen is the holders of the SÜZ and teacher of the preparation courses. He studied in the field of "Science of the German language" with minors in "Politics and Literature ". As part of his doctorate, he dealt with the question of how words that appear similar in different languages ​​more or less (eg, radio, sports, politics, democracy, democratic) in a "German as a foreign language teaching (GFL)" used didactically able to optimize the learning of German language studies.

After his graduation he taught for two semesters methodology and didactics at the University of Siegen. In 1999 he joined the University of Kassel, and was here in the speech center in the 'German Language Examination for University Entrance (DSH) "worked until late 2002. He led the DSH-preparation courses and took the DSH tests.

End of 2002, he founded the Language and Translation Centre Suez in Kassel. Since then he has hundreds of foreign students and citizens of the German language taught and prepared them for the successful completion of the DSH / TestDaf / college study or the B1-tests.

The recipe for success for all its methodological and didactic approaches, what is also at the center of his line: friendly atmosphere.

"If the teacher is a good friend learners of "
German learners", so that all gladly come back to school on the next day, then there is no reason to be unsuccessful."
Dr. Ümit Özen.

In his opinion, regular exercise always helps - also learning German. He regularly organizes soccergames between graduates and current German learners and offers them the opportunity to experience.