German as a foreign language

German as a foreign language is in our center include place in three areas:

  • Integration courses
  • Preparation courses for the German university exams for foreign students / students (see for details, see "Information on DSH")
  • German courses for companies - are methodical, educationally and organizationally designed according to the needs of businesses

The integration courses are based on the conception of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) and the requirements are no longer aligned with school-age of immigrants.

The courses comprise a maximum of 1100  teaching units (TU) with the length of 45 minutes to form a unit consisting of the following components:


  • Courses to 1000 TU
  • Orientation course with 100 TU

The course consists of the basic language course with 300 units (A1 to A2.1) and the advanced course, also with 300 units (A2.2 to B1).

Integration courses serve the acquisition of sufficient German language skills in terms of integration goals and to lead through the intermediate stages in basic and intermediate language courses to level B1. The level of B1 on the scale of the Common European Framework (CEF) as the first stage of the independent use of language.

The orientation course is aimed at discussion of migrants with the basic values ​​of society, law, history and culture to promote the orientation in
society and positive approach to the new reality of life.

Literacy courses last up to 1200 UE and also close off with an orientation course.

You might be interested in these courses, the exam certificate German (B1-test), an orientation course test or pass a citizenship test?

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